Shoes In Summerlin

Yesterday I purchased some new tennies at a sports store in our Downtown Summerlin. I tried on a pair that were too small and requested the next size up, and purchased them and then left the store. Bad Idea! They were tight as hell, not all brands are made the same! I was damn lucky to have gotten the full price returned to my debit card. The sales dude looked each shoe over with scrutinizing eyes, I assured him I wore them just once and vert briefly too. Can $97.00 for tennies be justified?

Speaking of Justification, I have always used the Text-Justify format on this site. I noticed this morning that apparently, WordPress has removed this particular button from my dashboard when creating a post. The so-called ‘new and improved’ editor still has this button. If I am correct in this assumption, then why? Why does WordPress keep messing with the Editors? Why do we have two editors available? If your a long time user of the WordPress platform then you’ll remember a day when that damned ‘new and improved’ editor wasn’t around.

I strongly despise that ugly editor. I won’t use it! If needed, I will obtain the correct HTML code and keep it in a file on my desktop so that I can continue to align my blocks of text. But wait, there’s a flip-side to this situation. I would like your thoughts on this, is it really needed? Should paragraphs always be justified? When visiting my favorite blogs, I note that some do and some don’t use the Justification. I do this because it makes the paragraph look much cleaner on the page. But that’s just me. Do you think that paragraphs should be Justified, or just left uneven?

I grabbed these photos while waiting for the store to open this morning, using the iPhone7 and the Lenka application which is a Black and White only application. By the way, this post is justified with custom HTML code LOL!!


This lovely fact sheet is on the floor in front of the toilet at a local Jimmy Johns sandwich shop down the street from me. The walls also have reliefs of different angles and distances with a shadow figure peeing. I left the bathroom with a grin on my face, probably not a grand idea but neither is laughing out loud in there either! Thanks for the laugh Jimmy! Click the photo…


Shopping in Summerlin yesterday, I noticed a shadow face looking back at me. The shadows are created by an overhead sunblock that covers the walkway. Funny thing though, I see faces in designs on walls and floors, sometimes even in tree branches or other natural things. Am I weird? The human brain is apparently well wired for facial recognition.