Our Thunderbirds

Our Nellis Air Force Base is home to the USAF Thunderbirds! Daily, I see up close and very clearly in my ear drums, many kinds of military aircraft, most of which this non-military guy can’t identify. But I can verify that I’ve been an aircraft nut for many years. I LOVE the thunderous sounds these beautiful aircraft emit. Mostly I enjoy the average passenger airliners though as many of you should know by my photos and video buried somewhere on my site.

Occasionally I have a quick chat with some of our customers who catch me eyeballing these beauties flying overhead. One fella recently stated that he’s glad these pilots are on our side!! Yeah dude, I totally agree!! Sometimes my eyes get all watery when watching these great Americans keeping those flight skills razor sharp most days of the week, it’s a very beautiful thing to me to see them fly – for me, it’s truly poetry in motion. God bless our nation.