Strapped In For The Night

This is a bad photo but it’s meant to show what a CPAP strap does to your face overnight. I’ve had to wear a mask every night since 2011. It’s very much medically needed for me since I have a bad case of sleep apnea. Not sure I spelled that correctly. The lines on my face can be minimized just so much, if you loosen the straps too much the mask blows air out from under the mask and makes a realistic farting sound. Great huh?

I recently had to replace my old machine, it just simply gave up one day. Purchasing a new unit was a painful experience to the tune of almost one thousand dollars! And recently, I replaced my old mask as it was literally hurting my forehead. That was another one hundred sixty bucks! And why does this equipment cost so much? Because it’s DME, or durable medical equipment. I say it’s a ripoff. Regardless, it’s a device many people need.

Imagine yourself going out into the world each morning with this crappy strap indentation on your head!! I’ve become accustom to the occasional quick stare from others, and my employer thinks nothing of it. Gladly, the indent pops out in about two hours, making me look a bit more human again! Well, good morning from Vegas, off to work I go!

The strap mark – ugly AF…


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  1. Yes, the cost is a ripoff! My ex used one forever and the only good thing about him getting a new machine was that they were smaller and quieter each time. And yes, he got those dreaded marks. Better than poor sleep and ending up with a heart condition without it, but a pain in the bum nevertheless!

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