Don’t Trash Me

Seriously? Usually people who move out of their unit are charged for this bullshit, not this time. It took me about twenty minutes to clean up this damn mess only because the blue powder wouldn’t come up into the vacuum cleaner easily. This doesn’t happen too often fortunately, but it’s always a serious pain in the ass to clean up. Add to it that the unit had been occupied for a very long time, it took over an hour to clean this unit, should have taken twenty five minutes tops. Please, when you vacate a storage unit, be kind and pack out your trash. Employees have lots more to do.


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    1. It took my entire five hour shift to clean these two filthy units. My employer agreed it was worth the time as I stated I was unwilling to cut corners to move forward faster. It was chalk or paint? Not sure but health concerns are there. No worries as yet. This shit really pisses me off. I was not hired to clean up the damned messes of lazy ass people, that’s being more than politically correct.

        1. No, there is supposed to be but the boss never seems to charge them for reasons unknown to me. It’s in the damned rental contract which apparently carries no teeth.

            1. I dunno Katherine, I’m not yet trained to operate the front desk area and have resisted it since it was suggested by managers some weeks ago that myself and my counterpart Brian who does what I do should be trained. It’s not part of my initial job description and just don’t want to be bothered with any of it. Honestly, I can walk away from this part time job and my bills will still be paid by me. Will I quit? Yooper betcha.

                1. Yeah. Exactly. If this is truly forced upon me, I’ll resign. Sad because I like these people and most of the time, the work although my back has been complaining a lot lately. I have three herniated lower lumbar discs!!

      1. No Bond. Just more asswipes in North Las Vegas. Seriously, I’ve drafted a resignation letter. This among other nonsense has me ready to quit. I don’t need to work in terms of dollars and cents because of alternate income, hence I’ve been seriously questioning myself why I deal with the bullshit traffic and other crap revolving around this job.

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