Touch Down, Take Off

I was going to take a drive out to Hoover Dam today but decided otherwise via a stop at my favorite camera shop on Sahara for a new camera bag, and a new CPCP Mask. The old mask was literally painful, and the recent addition of just one new lens made my old bag too small. So, for sixty five bucks, that issue was rendered mute.

You don’t wanna know how much that new CPAP mask cost. The device is considered Durable Medical Equipment, or DME, hence the ridiculous cost of this piece of plastic. I tried the new mask when I got back home, I look forward to trying the new mask tonight, it is much more comfortable and doesn’t make fart noises. Thwap!

Anyway, I decided to stop by the public viewing area along Sunset Road on the south side of McCarran International for some fresh photos. One or two of the photos have a shadow of the damn fence I had to shoot through but that’s the way it is today. Everyone is a terrorist until proven otherwise. I used my Nikkor 70-300mm Zoom for these photos.

The shots with the mountains in the distant background as well as the Luxor Hotel were a nice bonus. It’s finally stopped raining after a two day rain marathon here. Yet the skies still have a bit of a mood to them but allow some sunshine through. A light breeze and sixty degrees, perfect for getting some photos today. I’ll do the dam next week. Click a pic for a better look.


Mandalay and Spirit at landingluxor

The Luxor Hotel and Southwest Jetssouthwest_2

Southwest jet with Red Rock Canyon distantliftoff

Alaska Airlines liftoff and climb-outsouthwest

Southwest Jet touches downstrato_tower

Stratosphere Tower and airport towerdelta_td

Delta touches down

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