Rare Selfie

There are many opinions on snapping a selfie photo, some good, some bad but many years ago did the idea of a selfie exist? Personally, I don’t take many of myself because I’m overweight and half bald. Low self esteem eh? Poor self image? This goofy photo via iPhone7 and the Prisma app on the phone.

Recently, I’ve pruned a few apps off of my iPhone and iPad due to lack of developer upkeep, and lack of use. Are selfies just for teens and tweens?


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  1. lol! I very much dislike photos of myself too – for some of the same reasons. But I recently read a blogger say we should wake up each morning, look in the mirror, and say, “Hi Beautiful!” i’m trying that. I usually wake up, look in the mirror, and am shocked and dismayed at my appearance – aging, weight, wrinkles, sags. I’m going to try to embrace it, and love me. Will you try too?

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