A Dank Day…

It’s day two, another all day rain! Lake Mead needs the water as does the desert so it’s all good. Thankfully I’m off work now until Tuesday, I need a break from the climbing of ladders, cleaning fire sprinkler system pipes and cleaning rental units. It’s a tough, very physical job and I’m not really the best candidate but I make it work.

My bum and legs are sore, feel like they are going to pop from all the work! I don’t have any specific plan for the next two days but I do need to get to the grocery, ol’ Johnnie’s cupboards are looking pretty bare again! I’ve been wanting to take a long hike in Red Rock Canyon but my legs are ragged from work, and the weather isn’t the best.

I may take a drive back to Hoover Dam, haven’t been back there in several weeks now. Visiting the dam in summer is brutal, your in a canyon, getting little breeze and the heated up canyon walls plus the direct sun will make you sweat your bum off. Last time, I used the 70-300mm lens, I want to try the 35mm Prime lens out there. We’ll see.


Road flooding!!dank_day


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