Gas, Ass or Grass

If you remember this bumper sticker I saw today, you just might be dating yourself if you know what I mean… Gas, ass or grass. How nice would it have been if we could have smoked lawn clippings!!


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          1. I’ve only been to Vegas twice, and man was it super crowded. The second time we stayed near Fremont St., and liked it much better than the strip. We don’t gamble, but Vegas is a cheap place to fly into to go elsewhere.

            1. I never gamble either, except for taking a chance driving to and from work on our insane freeways. I basically never go down hill to the Strip, as you say, too busy. Nutters everywhere! Fremont Street is a good place to hang out, just watch out for pick-pockets. Most of the big hotels had free parking which is nice but that ended recently. Many of us locals were pissed. I mean seriously, don’t these damned places rake in enough cash already? Greed, absolute greed. Don’t misunderstand me though, I really like living here in the valley!!

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