Day Two: More Prime Lens Photos

I shot 42 photos today, testing the new Nikkor again. I am so impressed with the speed that this lens can focus as it has much less range to search and focus verses the 70-300mm or even the 13-55mm kit lens. However, several of the photos had some serious Lens Flare going on, hence I tossed them. Makes me wonder if the Hood that came with the lens kit is truly sufficient. Or perhaps it’s just the guy holding the camera didn’t realize he was shooting toward the sun? In any case, two thumbs up. I tried for a few shots less landscape, more urban photos today.

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    1. Not this part of that road, it’s a detour I use (being a local, I know better routes) as the ramp between the fifteen south and the ninety five north is closed. I snapped these to show parts of Vegas tourists likely don’t see. Funny thing though, you can easily see the Stratosphere and some of the big name hotels on the Strip from this area. Kind of sad aye?

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