Trying The Nikkor 35mm Prime Lens

Happy Monday friends! I know we all love our Mondays right? Today is my last of three days off in a row and it’s been lovely. I’ve been eyeing this lens recently and found today the perfect time to go purchase the lens and give it a try. I also purchased a basic UV Filter as well for the lens. The lens actually came with a hood too, nice touch.

I drove to my beloved Red Rock Canyon to test the lens out. I think the lens worked beautifully, the clarity, contrasts, lens hood and UV filter seem to work perfectly. Here are twelve photos from today, I apologize to those of you who’ve seen these mountains here many times before, but the canyon is a perfect place to try this out. I’m going to try some street photos with it next. Stand by!

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    1. That’s great James!! The lens is so simple to use, super fast to focus too. And the price was right too. Love your latest post on the Henge, so fascinating.

      1. Thanks John, looks like I will be buying the lens soon. Glad you like the henge post – I love Yorkshire where I live, but the more I explore Scotland the more I am getting blown away by it all 🙂

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