To Laughlin And Back

I’ve been waiting about a week to make the run down to Laughlin, Nevada from Las Vegas, I’d never been there in the nearly four years I’ve been in Nevada. On the way I passed through tiny Searchlight, Nevada. Not much there, no traffic light, a few houses and a fuel station with a McDonald’s in it. Good cell service too.

Laughlin is actually pronounced ‘Lawflin’.

You drive the ninety five south from Henderson then turn left on Nevada SR 165 I think it is for about twenty miles or so. You drop several thousand feet on steep and twisting turns as the road meanders it’s way down the the Colorado River and the small city of Laughlin, Nevada. I was fairly impressed. I viewed the city via Google Earth yesterday.

It has the usual casinos and hotel combinations, and of course fuel stations that have slot machines in them as do the big grocery store chains in Nevada. Across the narrow Colorado is the city of Bullhead City, Arizona. I didn’t bother crossing the bridge to Arizona, it didn’t look like it was worth the time to visit.

I did get some nice photos of the river and several ducks and another specie of bird I don’t know about. I have a video of several ducks shot with the iPhone7 that I will post later today. Silly ducks hang around the station, hoping for a meal. The store clerk says the ducks are there almost every day. I just adore ducks!

I had a bag of Funyons, maybe you know what they are, and tossed several out the car window. The ducks gobbled them down quickly, as quickly as several Gulls descended into the mix. Those Gulls have a terribly loud screech! I stopped at a small park, hoped out of the car and took several photos of the area including more duckies!

The trip was about 225 miles round trip, not too far for a quickie day trip. As with the fifteen freeway north of Las Vegas, the legal speed limit is seventy five miles per hour, love it! I of course pushed that number to eighty five and then higher yet. I’d never had my little car up to one hundred, so I tried it. Smooth as a baby’s bum at that speed.

All in all, this was a great quickie trip today, all I really needed was a travel partner. A female travel partner, and if God wants me to have a relationship then it’ll just happen because I’m not seriously looking for that just yet. But marriage? Marriage is completely, totally out of the question. Three strikes, John is OH-YOU-T, out!! Enjoy the photos, stop by later for the short but cute video of my duck friends, some are single, others appear married!

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  1. Great you got out for the day John! This time around it is roads and buildings and not scenery that have grabbed me. It all reminds me of a drive I did in AZ, also alone. My ex hubby was working most of the time we were there and so I had many many days alone to amuse myself. I hope that some day soon you find a stalwart companion for a future trip. X x

    1. Thanks Katherine! Your comment tells me that I need to expand. I love Landscape photography but have suspected that this appeals to a slim portion of the followers. My next inclination beyond Landscape is City or People photos. Thoughts? It has rained all late afternoon here, flash flood warnings were issued. I hope you feel fine ❤️

      1. I hope you are too, Johnny! ❤

        Well, as you may have noted, I like photos of people, so that would definitely appeal to me. Having said that, there are drawbacks to photography people, especially if you mean street photography. The danger of someone knocking your head off if they see you springs to mind!!

        I follow a blog that gives occasional tips to street photographers. I will send you the name of it, if I can work out which blog it is.🙄😅

        1. Sounds good, thanks. I agree, eventually you would come across people who feel violated by street photography. I assume they are hiding from the law or someone else!

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