Quackers For Funyons!!

During my very brief visit to Laughlin today, I was so happy to encounter these beautiful creatures begging for a free meal. The store clerk states that these ducks are there several days per week. I tossed several Funyons out the window for them but the damned Gulls were far more aggressive in stealing the food from my guests. Unwanted guests can be so rude…

OK, I spelled it wrong! I absolutely adore all ducks…

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  1. Cute ducks. I used to eat loads of crispy stuff like those Funyons. I can’t eat wheat (fructans wreck my tum) or onions (more fructans) and loads of other stuff you find in delicious fried, crunchy stuff. SUCKS! But I have lost fifteen kilos, so it isn’t all bad.

      1. It is hard. I think I only managed it as there are so many things I can’t eat without getting severe gut pain. Just checked kilos and I lost 33 pounds. Sounds way better in imperial!

        1. I think the States are the last to still use the Imperial system but I hear and see online that some Britons still prefer it over the Metric system.

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