P.F. Changs to be precise. Maybe you’ve heard of this restaurant chain before. I snapped this image while waiting at a traffic light this morning via the Nikon D3300. The best photo I got this day for you.


About 45 days ago I purchased a Stick Vacuum at a local retailer for about $90.00 bucks. A couple days ago, the thing just died. Really? I took the casing apart to look for melted wires or other obvious electrical issues. Nothing found!

I checked the power supply output voltage with my meter, a perfect 22 volts DC was being put out. At that point I tossed the thing away. Ninety bucks, poof!! Talk about a throw away society… So today I went back to the same retailer and purchased a different brand which cost a bit more. It’s charging but runs nicely. I bet that old one was made in China and it’s replacement is as well. Why can’t we make things for ourselves here in the States!

Costs and wages are higher here, Unions haven’t helped. But I believe we can build better products here than in a far away land where I suppose the workers are paid peanuts on the dollar for their efforts. But hey, I’m just a consumer that isn’t an expert at business and wants to purchase quality products at a fair price. We’ll see how long this one lasts.


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      1. You must have a different returns system over your way. I bought a lamp that stopped working after three months or so. I took it back to the retailer and got my money refunded on the spot. Of course that worked well for them as they just ship it back to the manufacturer, get a full credit on the price they paid. They don’t deal with fixing it or disposing of it. Since i am in their store and still needing a new lamp, of course I buy another one from them.

        1. I messed up Katherine. I went to the same store yesterday and purchased a different, more expensive unit that works really well. I tossed the old one which I should have kept. I could have returned it… Duh. Doink. Well, the new unit is far better.

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