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All of these photos were taken with the Nikon while rolling along the freeway heading for work! No worries, all I did was point and shoot, I didn’t put the camera to my eye and the view finder. Not bad for a crap shoot aye? I’m happy to report that my blood pressure has been much lower the last many days and I feel great again. Doctor took me off of a particular medication that was making me feel buzzed and very weak. It takes time to find the correct combination of medications to bring my blood pressure down from the very dangerous place it was. uhg…





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John is a native of Michigan, the Great Lakes State, he is 56 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the side. Thanks for visiting my website!

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    1. Thank you Jodi! Having lived in Michigan 50+ years and being here nearly four, I’m not likely to go home. Health issues are lessened here and in the future I may move back to west central Florida, the Clearwater area or Dunedin where I lived in the 90’s. No more cold climates for these aging bones…

    1. Hell no, I will not tolerate ads on my site!! Glad you noticed that Katherine. the way WP bills and the options have changed over the years. Have you considered changing themes? Not that there’s anything wrong with the one you use!

      1. I have thought about it. Now I’ve paid up to get rid of adverts, I think there are more themes to choose from? The one I use now is my second one. I remember there being some issues with the change over that were annoying. I would rather put my limited energy into chatting with you and other bloggers, than fiddling with a change over. So I guess it is a maybe I will, maybe I won’t situation! 😊😊

        I’m really enjoying being back in a more regular habit of posting and reading blogs. I have worked out how to do a lot more on my iPad which has really helped, as I can do it lying down.

        1. Lying down? Your disease? I hope you feel better Katherine. The iPad kicks butt, love mine, it get’s used every day for Instagram as does my iPhone. All Apple here. It’s great to see you every day! ❤️

          1. Thanks John, you also!

            Yes, EDS has many comorbid conditions, one of which is called orthostatic intolerance. When I am upright my pulse rate goes up as my heart tries to work against gravity to keep my blood pressure stable. Eventually it cannot keep up, so BP drops which results in nausea, sweating and fainting if you don’t lie down quickly enough. So every time I sit upright for more than twenty minutes or so, or stand still for a few minutes this process is happening. It makes me exhausted and dramatically limits what I can do. It is way more complicated than that, but you get the idea.

            1. Oh my, I totally understand Katherine. Something is similar to me when I get out of breath for no apparent reason since my heart function is normal. It seems simeler to my blood glucose suddenly dropping so far that it renders me very weak and dizzy. Very confused.

  1. These are fabulous, Johnny! (Please let me know if that version of your name isn’t appealing. I will not use it again!). Did you do much processing? The violet tones in three of the four are just stunning!

    1. Awww thank you, sooo sweet Katherine!! All I do to any of my photos is level the tones and sharpen if needed, nothing more. Glad you like them! It’s OK for you call me Johnny, your allowed. ❤️❤️

      1. Thanks! We Aussies do like nicknames, though you would mostly get the moniker of Jono here. I like Johnny more, though.

        Those photos really are outstanding if you do so little to them. Having known an Arizona sunset or two, you definitely have good material to work with.

        When did you start taking photos?

        1. I started playing with cameras in the 1980’s. started out with two cams my dad gave me back then, wish I still had them. And thank you! I have never used Photo Shop, it’s too damned confusing for me. I actually prefer less processing anyway. I let my Nikon D3300 do the bulk of the work. Jono aye? That version could be misunderstood as negative here. Or condescending. Johnny is used more for younger people, as a child, I was always called Johnny by family. ❤

            1. Not always, but in certain conversations, the use of this spelling may be incorrectly perceived as being aggressive or even an attack on one’s beliefs or intelligence. Others may not agree with my view. No biggie. Maybe it’s even a variation on regional dialect. English here in Las Vegas has some very subtle variations from my Michigander language.

              1. Having had a much longer history of English in the USA, I would be disappointed if there were not regional differences. We share one hell of a cool language for invention of slang and dialects.

            2. It’s tough to explain Katherine. A difference in English Dialect I suppose. Only in certain situations it may possibly be perceived as being derogatory.

    1. Thank you Amanda!! It’s so nice to see you in my daily visitors again!! My BP has been a serious and dangerous issue for several weeks, it just shot up for whatever the reason. I hope a little more tweaking by my GP (general practitioner) will level me out.

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