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    1. There really is, GP. The video and photography can’t ever show the actual scale and colors here. I have some new photos going up on the site later today as the canyon had a special mood today that I could see from my work, all the way across the valley. Took some time to drive there!

  1. Oh John, I was laughing while watching this! Living in Chicago where the traffic is INSANE I thought, what is he talking about? Traffic? I was thinking, “Where is everyone?” *LOL* *LOL* Cher xo

    1. I understand why you’d laugh Cher. You’d have to be here from day to day to see the difference in the volume of traffic in the canyon. It doesn’t look like much at all in the video but when you visit scenic overlooks and other such places, they are jam packed. I bet the Vegas traffic is worse!!

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