One Day Off…

Yep, a one day weekend for me this week as I agreed to work different days this next week so a coworker can take his newborn son to a doctor appointment. The payoff is that I’ll have a three day weekend coming up! And I’m gonna do some traveling during those days too, but not too far away.

I plan to drive south of Las Vegas to visit the tiny town of Searchlight and then on to Laughlin, which is pronounced ‘lawflin’. I’ve never been to the very southern tip of my adopted state. Laughlin is located right on the Colorado River and according to the Wiki link I posted, it’s economy has been in decline which stinks. I’ll be sure to have photos for you from this upcoming ride.

In the mean time, I’ve not been taking many photos in recent days and even skipped posting anything yesterday which is kind of odd for me since I usually upload something every day. I’ve been a bit annoyed with my little part time job the last few days. Extra things have been added to the daily routine and I don’t like it!

Extra shit we are expected to clean, as in the water piping for the sprinkler system inside the building. Also, I and my coworker who has the same responsibilities as I do, are going to begin learning the front desk operations which entails answering the phones and working the computers. Again, I don’t like it.

I didn’t hire on for that, it was never in the job description. And I really don’t want to work directly with the public which I can do, and do it just fine but it’s not part of my initial job description. Am I just being a weenie? Technically, in terms of income, I can walk away from this job and the bills will still be paid. I ask myself, is the hassle of driving eighteen miles of Las Vegas freeway and the nutter drivers worth this?

A random photo from my archives.


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  1. Aren’t all jobs like yours, John? Or I should say employers. The ever growing list of things to do, outside of what the job description says, is very familiar to me and many of my friends here in Oz. Has it always been this way? I don’t like it either! Good luck!

    1. Hi Katherine! I suppose your right. It’s bullshit and I’m half way at this point, thinking about it today to giving my two week notice.

        1. That I could be doing. I think of that when I’m working sometimes and it bothers me. I commented yesterday that my father insists that I stay working. I worked for him for many years back in Michigan. He’s almost 90 and has the very strong work ethic. There’s more to the story with him.

            1. Yes, our relationship has been rocky in decades past Katherine, mostly due to poor decisions made by me through the years and I am not ashamed to admit that.

                  1. Makes no difference. My brother is the same age as you and Ma and Fa worry about him still. And about me. My sister is the only one they don’t worry about! She has the whole “married with kids” thing going on. ?

                    1. Not quite sure what you mean but my bro is bipolar and I have EDS, so my sis is the only one who has managed the type of life all parents hope for their kids. Well, maybe parents focus on general happiness more these days, but in the 1960s when we were all born, to get married to a nice partner and have babies was the ideal of happiness to aspire to. My sister has an all round fabulous husband. We all adore him!

  2. I have a theory regarding work that is not necessary for keeping the bills paid- it’s not worth the hassle, really. Work to live, don’t live to work. Great photo by the way… have fun in Laughlin!

    1. Your words make great sense to me Doreen, the underlying reason I work is to keep my father off my ass. He’s approaching 90 and has the old school way of looking at the world, not that people shouldn’t work of course. His work ethic has always been insanely strong. You could say I’m being ‘strong armed’ into this. I’d rather be traveling…

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