Doctor’s Office

Warding off boredom whilst waiting for one’s name to be called, I snapped this photo, look closely, you can kind of see my arm. I used the Impresso application to alter the image on my iPhone7. For those of you who’ve been following me for a while, you may be interested to know that my doctor has taken me off of the main medication I’ve been on for a couple weeks as it has been making me feel stoned, or a little drunk.

Sounds fun right? Oh hell no. I can barely keep up with the work load at work. I will start another medication tomorrow morning, but must take the older med for four more days, to be sure there is no ‘shock’ to my system while transitioning to the new medication which supposedly won’t make me feel all buzzed up.

And the old Rolling Stones song comes to mind – what a drag it is getting old….. (not meant to sound negative!) Photo tilted left on purpose… 😬


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