Sprinkler heads. The kind that hopefully keep buildings from burning down. It’s been a while since I created some abstract photos from my regular captures, it seems the Nikon I purchased several weeks ago has taken me away from creating these out of the ordinary images. Or not but I thought I’d shift gears a little bit today.

My job is at a large storage complex, we have 887 storage units, all of which must be cleaned every six weeks according to Corporate. Yeah, that’s asking a lot! I’m certainly not the only one doing the work of course. The occupied rooms get the front side of the door wiped, that’s all obviously.The vacant units get re-cleaned.

And more, it’s amazing how much detail goes into working at any of these large self-storage facilities. The next time you rent a storage unit and it’s nice and clean for you, please go back to the office and compliment the staff, we seriously appreciate your thoughts and comments both face to face and online of course.

Anyway, whilst up on the ladder this morning wiping down the electrical and water supply pipes and conduit, I thought this little sprinkler head could make a kinda sorta interesting photo via the iPhone7. I reworked it bigtime in the iColorama application on my iPad Air. Looks kinda cool I guess. I miss using iColorama and similar apps! Click a pic for a better look.



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  1. These things are monsters. They destroy the lawnmower if you are not careful. Certainly rip your bare feet when throwing the football around with family on a summer day.

  2. I like the b/w one in particular.

    Since I’ve been MIA for a while, I’ve missed you have an iPhone 7 now. I still have ben 6+. Decided to hold off and wait for this year’s edition, whatever they might call it. The 6 is working well too, so there wasn’t any big hurry.

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