One Of Many

One of many beautiful peaks around Las Vegas. My regular visitors will recognize this mountain, sorry for the repeat. I’ve not got any new photos today nor much to say other than work today was insane. I got none of my usual work done upstairs because at seven AM, the customers never stopped flowing, and I had multiple truck, trailer and tow dolly inspections to make. It was great to get the hell outta there at noon!!

Also, as of today I have resigned my apartment lease for one more year. Several months ago I though deep on this issue, do I really want to stay here in Las Vegas after the divorce? Can I handle living here by myself in a city of two million humans? Can I handle another year of numb nut drivers? Apparently, yes I can. I spoke with my father on the phone a few days ago regarding staying here. I told him I’m not so sure I could handle Michigan weather anymore.

The only place I would consider moving to from Las Vegas would be west central Florida where I’d lived in the 1990’s. But we’ve no tornadoes or hurricanes here. Las Vegas weather and climate is very stable compared to so many other states. I suppose you could say I am one of many. One of many valley dwellers who choose to live here for the fabulous climate, beautiful mountains and for some, those beautiful palm trees swaying in the warm breezes.



The camera can’t always render the true size or perspective of things but this photo is pretty close. This photo is looking south from Red Rock Canyon toward the road, the pass that gets you over the Spring Mountains. Click the photo for a better view.