Bird Fight!

On my way home from the Valley Of Fire Monday I stopped for a sandwich and drink. There were an incredible number of birds hanging out around the large building which includes slots and other gaming as well as being a truck stop and fuel station for cars too. I decided to eat my sandwich before driving for safety’s sake.

Those sandwiches you purchase in the little triangular plastic cup can sometimes be not so enticing, I thought I’d have a little fun with all those cute little birds around my car. It’s amazing how much faster the tiny birds are than the pigeons or doves? Not sure but they make a soothing sound. Ain’t I s stinker! Making those little birdies fight!

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  1. Oh my gosh. You’ve given me a great idea for next time I go to the pigeon hole underpass!! Why did I not think about taking them food?? haha! Thanks for sharing John. At first I felt sorry for the little one, but looks like s/he handled herself well. 🙂

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