A Buttwad…

Two minutes of yours truly flapping his gums! It was really busy in my favorite canyon this late morning but such is this beautiful place most weekends this much cooler time of year. Flap!

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John is a native of Michigan, the Great Lakes State, he is 56 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the WP.com side. Thanks for visiting my website!

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    1. Thanks, the ‘real’ me right? Such a funny thing though isn’t it that we have so many online friends yet sometimes we know not how we each really look or our voices sound? Even after years of followings…

        1. Maybe some day we’ll meet. Seems to me you two passed through Vegas several months ago, I was not in a good place at the time to meet up which stinks. this comment went to my Spam too! I took care of that.

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