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I hope you’ve had a good day wherever you are. my day has been just dandy, feeling pretty good today! I picked up my new medications the doctor ordered and will start them tonight. Fingers and toes crossed right?? Cripe – I’m a drug addict! I’m shooting for a ride to the Valley Of Fire on Monday but as mentioned before, only if the sun has chased the clouds away for the entire day!

Now, the photos: The lawyer sign, these ugly ass signs are everywhere like grains of salt on your dinner plate. And on the TV as well. Frankly I’d like them all to go away. We truly live in a litigation nation don’t we? Somebody farted near you in the grocery? Sue them!! Just kidding…

The palm and poker sign: Welcome to Las Vegas! Video Poker and whatever else overwhelm you as you step off your aircraft at our lovely McCarren International Airport. Slots at the airport, slots in the gas stations and grocery stores! I dare say somewhere in the valley, there are slots next to a toilet!

The laptop: I may have already posted the fact that I purchased a Windows Ten laptop a few weeks ago. I set the thing up and haven’t used it very much, it usually sets on my dinning room table collecting dust. I purchased it basically to keep myself up to date in the Windows world. It’s a slug.

The mountains and palms: Just another photo of our lovely west side mountains. I grabbed this on the fly, waiting at a traffic light as has been the case lately. Talk about mobile photography but with a Nikon D3300!! That’s it for now, I’ll update on the BP issue tomorrow should you want to know.

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