The Rains Have Gone

And today was full of brilliant sunshine which is supposed to be the rule for the rest of this week with temperatures warming into the sixties later in the week. I’m very much ready for the hot weather to return to Las Vegas Valley, enough of the chilly weather which is really we get here. No truly cold weather.

Well, tomorrow is ‘doctor day’ for me. I’ve two appointments, the first is with my GP for a quick check on the blood pressure and possible adjustments to my medications. The second later in the day will be with my Cardiologist. I will have an Echo I think it’s called, a test I’ve not had possibly for a few years. I want to know if my heart has declined.

Other than this, things have been going very well with me these last weeks. The BP medications are working but I believe they need a bit of tweaking. My joints hurt a bit, especially both my hips. Jolts of pain hit them occasionally and it hurts!! I guess it’s the ‘getting old’ process. Perhaps a visit from Arthur of Arthritis fame?

The warm weather seems to abate my aches and pains, now I understand why much older folks always head south to Florida or other warmer climate states when old man winter draws near! It’s much cooler here in winter than it is in south Florida this time of year which leads me to say that if I move from here, it’ll be to Florida. Not Michigan!

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    1. Oh yes, two actually. One is for adults, the smaller for those of my years. I like it here except for the damned bloody barking dog crap. Been in touch with the office too many times now over this. Recently, the main company that owns this complex sent we residents a survey – I took full advantage of it.

    1. Hi again! This comment also went to spam, damn! My Echo was NORMAL!! I was soooo happy I shook the tech guy’s hand!! I have been a little fearful that the Ejection Fraction had diminished, but it’s exactly where it was in 2002 when I was diagnosed with CHF. God isn’t done with me yet aye??

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