No Trip Today…

Damn. I was looking forward to seeing the Valley of Fire today but noooooo! Seems both my days off work will be overcast and wet. I wanted to get in a little walking around there too this time. There’s another high winds advisory too for today and tomorrow. Guess it’s gonna be an indoor weekend.

I do like the sound of the rain though. Stepping outside to my little patio, taking in the 45 degree damp cool air. The air smells very different when it rains here, I can’t explain the scent but it’s nice. And it’s a very comfortable 70 degrees inside. I am grateful for the blessings I have today.


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    1. Well, I did get out a bit. But it’s still raining all damn day. In Michigan I expect this, here? Not so much. After all, this IS the Mojave DESERT, right?? Hey, but what can an old boy from Michigan’s Flat Lands know???

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