Around Vegas Today

Some of these photos were actually taken yesterday. It rained all day yesterday which I actually liked, and my suspicion came true with the snow capping the mountains in Red Rock Canyon. It seems like once every winter, the lower, smaller mountains in the canyon get a nice white cap on them, they looked beautiful from the north side of the valley at work this morning so naturally I am drawn into the canyon to see them up close. I’m off work the next couple days and am considering going back north to the Valley Of Fire if it’s fully sunny! Happy weekend my friends!!

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  1. Why do only the lower smaller mountains get the snowy cap, John?

    With reference to your comment on my blog (I was rudely interrupted during my reply), I agree it would be lovely to meet someday. šŸ˜€

    1. Apparently I came across incorrectly. The higher mountains of course get the snows first. During hard weather like the all day rains yesterday, the snows may find there way down to lower elevations than usual.

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