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Six random photos from around Vegas today via the Nikon, it’s been very windy with on and off sunshine. I had another visit with doctor today. My blood pressure is much lower than it was a week ago but only fifty percent or so under control by my estimate. Later this month I have an EKG scheduled, think I already mentioned that. Hoping my Ejection Fraction has not diminished but I suppose that it must at some point in the journey. Feeling much better though! Oh, by the way, you may recall my battle with the barking dog that lives in the next building over?

I mentioned here the other day that I’d received a call from the complex manager explaining to me what they learned. I was told that the residents put the dog out on the balcony every day “while they clean the apartment”. Bullshit. That dog is outside for hours every day. Long story short, I was in so many words to just shut up. Too bad renter, you have no rights. I believe that in some sense, my rights as a renter/resident are being violated. I’m so frustrated and am trying really hard to not let this damned mutt bother me, I’m the intelligent one right? Please excuse the useless rant!

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    1. No, the little bastard isn’t helping me one lick but I’m trying to be an adult, not let this animal rule! Thank you, I appreciate you asking! Both doctors are working with mew meds, and changing the doses of them. In time, I hope they will get them balanced. It’s likely I’ll remain on them the rest of my days…

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