Vegas Sun Rises

Heading for the Mickey Dee’s drive through this morning. Hope your day was good! Such a beautiful day in the valley today with mostly sunny skies and fifty five lovely degrees!


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  1. Not a cat guy at all. Lived in Aventura which is very NE corner of Miami Dade County and Seminole, Hard Rock, Mardi Gras and Gulfstream all a stone’s throw away. One reason I moved to Greensboro, NC. Closest casino 200 miles away and I am saving money again. Loved the slots and 3 card poker.

    1. LOL Carl!!! It’s ironic that so many locals as we are called, very rarely visit the Strip. Too many nutters, present company excepted of course. By the way, I was wondering how you tell Andy and Dougy apart? They look identical to me. They are sooo adorable!!

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