Great selfie aye!? Due to computer issues at work, I had to spend a good bit of time today removing ‘red’ locks from at least twelve customer’s units. Tons of walking. The Red locks are put on a unit when a customer fails to pay the monthly rent on the unit. Yes, I’m the guy who locks you out of your unit! Pay up! Installing a red lock is called an ‘Over Lock’. When the rent is finally paid, I do what is called an ‘Open Over’, the lock is removed. Simple.

Further, a ‘Cut Lock’ means that the unit will remain locked, and the unit has been put on the Auction list. Our February auction list is around twenty one units. That seriously sucks man. Since December twenty sixth, the number of Over Lock’s has increased quite a bit. It makes me feel bad, it really does. People are struggling to pay bills in a system that has us caught in it’s grasp from birth to death. Christmas comes and I believe people feel guilty.

Guilty if they don’t purchase gifts. Hence, money owed for rent for a unit is spent elsewhere which seems logical to me. Family is more important and comes first. I noted one customer’s rent due for two units rented was over $700.00. Wow. I don’t mean to sound negative with this so please don’t assume that. But Christmas puts so much stress on people between money and families getting along peacefully with each other.

I mentioned to my direct supervisor the other day – will this come to the point where each person wanting to rent will have to produce a valid list of credit score and other related documentation? I seriously doubt that and was being goofy by saying that of course. When any business becomes over thirty thousand dollars in arrears for rent due, it’s obviously a very serious issue. Whew! That’s a lot of words to describe a rent is due situation! The cost of living in America is way too high.

A very sexy selfie!!


Had to tighten my belt, pullin’ my britches down!

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