Through Pahrump And Beyond

Good day, eve or whatever it is where you are!! I mentioned yesterday I may take a short road trip today and I did to the tune of just over 150 miles. My drive made a complete circle around the Spring Mountains which is an Island mountain range. There are many such ranges in Nevada which has the most mountains of any state. Everywhere you go, you’ll see mountains, yeah!! I love my mountains. Being in Michigan last month, you see how flat the state is.

Anyway, I snagged 114 photos with the Nikon on this run, I have prepared just 28 of them for you. They are lightly processed, nothing major. There are two or three though that find to be about the best I’ve taken to date. I so much enjoy being out and about on a day like today, it was perfectly sunny and the temperature hanging around 55 degrees in the valleys. Meanwhile, the snow capped mountains have snow blowing over the peaks, visible for miles.

No more words, I hope you enjoy these photos!! The Pahrump website.

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