loopholeA couple of weeks ago I made a post here complaining about an ankle biter dog that was almost constantly yapping all afternoon. I removed that post for my own reasons but perhaps I should have left it now. This afternoon I received a phone call from my main office, responding to a message I sent them last night informing them that this damned yapper is continuing it’s yap. The main office informed me that the dog owner comes home in the afternoon.

I told the woman that this is what I suspected, so her and I were in agreement on this point. Apparently the yap owner told the office that they ‘put the yapper outside on the balcony every afternoon so that they can clean the apartment‘. Yeah, righto old chap! I told the office worker that this yapping goes on until dark. Am I supposed to believe that they really spend this much time every day cleaning their apartment?

I think not. I told the apartment complex office worker that this goes on until dark every day. She replied that ‘this is their balcony and they can put the dog out there if they wish‘. My reply was ‘so what, you are saying is that I have no say in this matter and must simply put up with this aggravation day after day’? In so many words, she said yes. I was pissed off but said nothing rude at all to this woman. I proceeded to explain my view.

I told her in no uncertain terms that the parent company that owns the complex I live in has in my perspective, made a huge blunder in allowing dogs to live in an apartment complex. Why? Because they need far and away more exercise than a cat, and are far more noisy. Dogs are not well suited to life in the small spaces that most apartment residences offer. Cats, yes. Dogs? Absolutely not. I did know before renting here that dogs are allowed. It was a crap shoot. But I got bitten…

Is this really a technical loophole in the law or is it a loophole that was known about before by the parent company? In either case I say it’s pure bullshit because this has apparently put me in zero position to do anything about this situation. I would like to go down to the office and explain live and in person my disgust with this situation. Do I need to retain legal representation? Do I need to contact the Clark County Animal Division? According to what I learned in Realtor School some years ago, each resident/homeowner has a reasonable right to peace and quiet in their private residence.

Welcome to the Apartment Life eh?

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  1. you could call your local aspcaor whatever animal control is in the area-and report that the owners are leaving a dog out unattended for hours on end…. I did it with someone around the block years ago- they came and the barking ended.

    1. I thought about doing just that Lisa. One downside of that approach is that the office would know who called. Or at least suspect it. Who knows if the office would take that poorly and have an ‘issue’ with me. Or, I’m being paranoid. I really dislike confrontations.

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