Blood Pressure Update

bpI’m back with an update as promised should you want to know. Well, I packed several needful items and put them in the car in case I was admitted to hospital but gladly no. Good to be home in my toasty warm and dry apartment, it’s pouring rain outside again!

Mr. Cardiologist took me off of one medication my GP had me on, and added two new ones. One is a pill, the other a patch which will deliver this specific medication twenty four, seven for one week. Now it’s a waiting game. I won’t see the new medications till tomorrow, then wait to see if these medications will hopefully do what they are meant to do. I tell you truthfully that this mess has made my life really miserable.

It’s cost me now two days of work, but my boss did tell me to stay home tomorrow, come in Saturday as usual. She really is a sweet lady. So gladly, I’ll sleep in tomorrow. Yesterday I slept twelve and a half hours, exhausted! Updates as they come along!


Update – received a call from doctor’s office early eve, doctor also wants an Electrocardiogram done later this month along with the medications checkup. Good news, glad they are going to do this, I’m long overdue for this test. This will determine if my already failing heart has lost more of it’s function. Fingers and toes crossed! 👍🏻

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