Blood Pressure Update

bpI’m back with an update as promised should you want to know. Well, I packed several needful items and put them in the car in case I was admitted to hospital but gladly no. Good to be home in my toasty warm and dry apartment, it’s pouring rain outside again!

Mr. Cardiologist took me off of one medication my GP had me on, and added two new ones. One is a pill, the other a patch which will deliver this specific medication twenty four, seven for one week. Now it’s a waiting game. I won’t see the new medications till tomorrow, then wait to see if these medications will hopefully do what they are meant to do. I tell you truthfully that this mess has made my life really miserable.

It’s cost me now two days of work, but my boss did tell me to stay home tomorrow, come in Saturday as usual. She really is a sweet lady. So gladly, I’ll sleep in tomorrow. Yesterday I slept twelve and a half hours, exhausted! Updates as they come along!


Update – received a call from doctor’s office early eve, doctor also wants an Electrocardiogram done later this month along with the medications checkup. Good news, glad they are going to do this, I’m long overdue for this test. This will determine if my already failing heart has lost more of it’s function. Fingers and toes crossed! 👍🏻

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    1. Thanks Ellen! I am starting two new meds in the morning, one is a patch that works for a week, the other yet another pill.It’s a chronic problem, I’ll take more pills if I have to. Better than being dead right!!

    1. Thanks so much Nia! So kind of you. I’m hoping the new meds I hope to pick up today will get things back on track. Be well!

  1. Hope your health continues to get better. It’s the most important thing in our lives (other than family/friends). I see you live in Las Vegas. Do you like it there?

    1. Hi Sherry, I’ve been in Las Vegas since 2013. My now ex and I came here with our set of plans for our future. Well that didn’t last. It took me a year or so to have Las Vegas feel like home, I’ve recently decided to remain here for another year as I love the climate with no snow which stays in the mountains around us. The mountains and canyons. And the summer heat too. I like it here but may one day return to Florida. I’ll probably not move back to Michigan. Was up there in December for family Christmas. I can’t take the cold so well these days.

      Thanks for your good wishes! New doctor has changed my meds, hope they are ready for pick up today and they work. It’s very strange as all of my vitals are normal except my BP. Hope you and yours are well Sherry!

    1. I hope the new patch and other med will start me in the right direction Lisa, this has really messed up my life. Thanks very much Lisa!!

  2. Glad to hear that you didn’t need to be admitted. It will be good to have the ECG to see where things stand. Fingers and toes crossed here John. Take good care and thanks for the update.

        1. So it is you! You are very familiar with this issue then, seen people deal with it. I so hope the patch and new pill will help. 😀

    1. Thank you Phoebe, I sure will. Going to bed early again tonight, got 12 hours sleep yesterday. Probably the best thing I can do for now is sleep. I appreciate your kind thoughts! ❤️

  3. Open heart in 2006. Drastically reducing processed meats and fatty meats simplest and effective health change for heart. Fries and Macburgers gotta go too. However , I am not giving up ice cream, pizza and 12 cigarettes a day.

    1. aND i HAD A BURGER TODAY. Smack me!! I bet the ciggys are the worst thing Carl. I stopped in 2002 after my CHF diagnosis. But a few brews once a week I’ll allow myself.

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