Gray Strip

This is different processing of the Vegas Strip than I used before. Since the Nik software went free some time ago I downloaded it a long time ago but forget that it’s hiding in my Apps folder. This was dome with Silver Efex I think it’s called, and I’m in no way an expert with any software as the photo may show.

It’s still a unique version of the Strip from several miles west. Behind me from this location is Calico Basin and Red Rock Canyon proper. It’s been so cloudy and windy the last week or so and rather chilly that the mountains have taken on a different character. I try to capture the mood of the mountains.

In summer, they are beautiful, crystal clear and sort of happy to me. In winter, they seem to put on an entirely different face. A moody, almost angry face that you might see in a big production movie about a battle between countries in old Europe, a thousand years ago. This is what I see in the mountains surround me in winter.

Gladly, all of the snow stays well above my elevation. My apartment is about 2850 foot above sea level. The snowline seems to be around 4000 foot. Just enough! Today is my Saturday since I work Saturdays.

We have a chance of rain late today, tonight and tomorrow due to the major storm slamming parts of California just now and for a few days to come it seems. From drought to deluge. But as usual, the location of Las Vegas from so much devastating weather. Thank you mountains! Being from Michigan, I know all about brutal weather.

The climate here was a major factor in my recent decision to remain in Las Vegas. Our weather is moody in winter but never anything approaching what states north and east receive. Example, at the moment, partly sunny days with temperatures in the upper fifties and lower sixties are forecast. My kiddies back in Michigan aren’t happy about that! And now… Click the image for a much better view.


Houses in the foreground…

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