From the opposite side of the valley this afternoon leaving work I could see that my favorite canyon was totally smothered in mist. Stopping by home to change clothes, I drove out there to see what could be photographed. I was hoping that this major amount of cloudiness off me something a bit different in the same place. This is the best of what I got, it’s OK but not as different or unusual as I’d hoped for. It’s not retouched, just sharpened.

I’m off work the next couple days and am considering a drive up Mount Charleston but that depends on salt. The nasty road salt they dump all over the roads at the higher elevations. Just like in Michigan, those gross salt baths always pissed me off. No wonder Michigan is part of the rust belt, right? Also, the Valley Of Fire is a possibility once again but only if it’s a sunny day. Those fiery rocks will look better in glorious Nevada sunshine. We’ll see…


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John is a native of Michigan, the Great Lakes State, he is 56 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the side. Thanks for visiting my website!

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