Lamadre From Craig Road

I carry the Nikon D3300 with me almost like I carry my head around with me! I want to be ready to grab a photo at any time that may look awesome and that I can share with you. Well, OK it’s not too intelligent to be focusing that Nikon with it’s long zoom lens attached, whilst driving. Slap me, I deserve it! But I want that photo that me be really cool.

As usual, the mountains on the west side of the valley are holding up a major bank of clouds, in any case, it just looks that way yet further west in the valley the sky can be pure blue. The mountains in these images are a part of the Lamadre’ Range, sometimes called the Summerlin Peaks as they butt up against the Summerlin area of the valley.

I love them! I’ve researched the type of rocks that they consist of which is different than other mountains in the area but can’t recall that information just now. Seeing them up close it’s obvious that they are a great example of what happens when two continental plates collide, producing tilted plates of rock thousands of feet thick.

I’ve loved geology for decades and living in Las Vegas has allowed me to see and actually touch these mountain rocks, many millions upon millions of years old. Consider the average human lifespan. Not even a pimple or a blip when compared to the life these mountains have lived. If only they could speak, imagine the stories to be told. I love my mountains.

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Craig Road near the I-15 Freeway


Craig Road near Nellis Air Force Base

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  1. Glad you are loving the Nikon John, it is a cracking camera, and small enough to carry around with you every day. I would love to be surrounded by those mountains 🙂

    1. Indeed the camera is great James. I even keep it on my lap, ready to shoot when driving hence some of the recent photos from around town. A mix of landscape and city in one image. I’m glad I decided to move away from just phone photos. No comparison!

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