Early Today

I snapped these photos with the Nikon and the Nikon 70-300 zoom lens from my work location early today. I’m always several minutes early to work so I have the time to get a few photos in before heading in to drink the bosses’ excellent coffee! And it’s free too. All I did with these images is add the watermark and gently sharpen them.

The mountain photo with two sets of radio towers is Frenchman Mountain from many miles away. The palm tree photo is actually just across the road from my location and the photo showing I’m setting in the left turn lane was snapped while waiting obviously, I thought looked pretty awesome in terms of it’s colors but unique with the arrow.

Well, I’m home now after a stop at the grocery for a few tasty items. Texting with my son while eating my Fire House sandwich, he mentioned he was eating turkey hotdogs. Hmm, never tried them so I grabbed some of those too to try later. The other night I was deep frying some taters I sliced up and though to try dropping a regular Kosher beef hotdog in the fryer, it was delicious! It has a different flavor than when cooking in a microwave or a pan.

If I had a gas stove I could just pretend I was camping somewhere and grille them straight up! And marshmallows too. But the deep frying gave the dog a very robust flavor. Am I the only one who deep fries a hotdog? I also purchased several pre-made salad bowls and some new dressing for breakfast. Salad for breakfast? Cold and delicious!

I hope you are having a great first week of the new year, friends!!


At the traffic lightmorning2

Palms along the roadmorning1

Frenchman Mountain

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    1. It’s not Emily, the flavor was more robust as was the texture. The dogs are the Hebrew National brand. They are not full of fillers and whatever else so they eat more like a steak, not mushy like other brands. But the deep fry makes them even better in my view. Just don’t overcook them.

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