Mountain Steps

It’s once again overcast in the valley and the local foothills have a bit of freshly minted snow on them. I think they are all so beautiful and never tire of seeing these same mountains every day. I thought these photos made the rock look a bit like steps, the farthest away (at the top of the photo) are higher than those in the foreground. A stairway into the clouds. Or to heaven? Once again, I wish all the best in 2017 for all of my friends here on wonderful!!



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    1. I suppose it’s because I have grown up as a flatlander in Michigan. In the Yooper, they have ‘mountains’ that are 2k or so high but sorry, those are pimples. The foothills near my apartment are 4000 to 8000 foot tall. A major difference between pimples and mountains!! My recent visit to Michigan in early December was a serious eye opener in terms of the climate among other factors as well as the geology. Mountains and palm trees in summer here are for me just too lovely to ignore as serious reasons to remain here in the High Desert. Fifties (or so) for winter temperatures are not too difficult to handle right?

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