My Chili Addiction…

I admit it! I love chili! It’s the random taste of each batch I make, the wonderful tastes and the aroma that fills my little apartment. I went to the grocery early today hoping to avoid the crowds, and that I did. It was lovely to shop without needing bumper pads haha. I had no intention of and wasn’t even thinking about making a new batch.

But when entering the isle that has all the canned beans, sauces and other delicious ingredients, I was hooked again. This time I added two small cans of mushrooms, and three, count ’em three cans of kidney beans! Toot Toot! I adore those kidney beans, so delicious and they add so much texture to each delicious bowl of yummyness.

I also used one can of tomato sauce for that creamy texture and two cans of diced tomatoes that have a little spicy pepper action going on. Then, I add copious quantities of my favorite chili powders and other spices including plain old ground black pepper. It’s been simmering since eleven AM. I believe in a long slow cooking for best flavor.

It’s been a dandy day here today, cool but sunny outside but warm and chili inside right! Loving my days off from work but tomorrow finds me back in the grind, battling the Vegas freeway traffic and hours of grunge work. But life could be so much worse. I am blessed in many ways and hoping that 2017 brings more good things for my friends here on WordPress! X

Let me count the ways I love you… ❤️


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John is a native of Michigan, the Great Lakes State, he is 56 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the side. Thanks for visiting my website!

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