Moving Low Pressure

It’s been a very interesting few days around the valley with all the winds and cold rain hanging around. And mor rain is forecast for my area overnight and into tomorrow morning. Meanwhile up north those folks seem to be getting lots of snow and perhaps a blizzard. Cripe, I’ll take our weather over that but it’s still kind of dreary.

I saw some beautiful cloud formations hovering against and above the mountains all the way around the valley today but thanks to work obligations I could’t capture them regardless of the Nikon being in my car as usual. Come summer that can’t be the case as the high heat might damage the camera.

So here are what I believe are the best of the lot taken this afternoon when the sun managed a quickie.

I’ll be spending Christmas eve and day with me, myself and I but that’s OK. I chose to be here in Vegas, this is part of the program and I knew this going into it. I’ll be in contact with everyone via phone and text too. I wish each of you a wonderful Christmas season and a prosperous and happy 2017. My how the years have flown by!!

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