So Much Rain!

Hey, no complaints from me, the valley needs this rain badly and so does California. A huge storm swirled onshore down there and here we are getting all the glorious rainfall. Of course this is because I washed my car a couple days ago right? Kidding. Not much else to mention today, I’d be complaining about traffic again if I did. 😋


Photo via iPhone7

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  1. Oh Dear. We have a lot of rain right now too John. I was hoping for a white Christmas, but sadly it’s not to be. We almost never get them over here. Have great Christmas my friend and a Happy New Year 🙂

    1. Same to you James, best wishes for 2017. Seems like you would have snow every years as you live much further north than my Michigan is. All we’ve got are clouds, rain and a but of sun at times. Temps in the 40’s too. Not a fan of this time of year but it can give some nice photo ops. I’ve not been out much lately, just work and home. The weather makes me feel dreary so I stay inside my warm apartment and drink coffee and TV!!

      1. If we get snow it usually arrives in Jan or Feb and doesn’t last long, a few weeks at most. I am off work for another 6 weeks recovering from the knee surgery, and I won’t be allowed to drive for at least a month. It is ok, but I am bored..Only so much box sets you can watch or so much surfing. Still, I musn’t complain…I am one of the lucky ones. Good wishes for the New Year John 😊

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