The Calm Desert

Yesterday after work I stopped by my local store that services my phone and iPad services. I paid off a bunch of old charges (stuff purchased on credit) that has been hanging on like a bad cold. Bye bye to that debt! Whilst there I couldn’t resist trading in my iPhone SE for the latest and greatest technology in the form of the iPhone 7.

I am very impressed with the new device and how the staff was able to 110% clone every single tiny little detail from the old phone to the new, even my favorite black Apple background came across! I decided early this afternoon to take the long way home via the 215 freeway and a long valley crossing on two lanes to get there.

I wanted to get some fresh photos directly from the new iPhone and a video too so here is what I’ve captured. Other than watermarking things, the video and photos are completely original. If you have a Retina screen, you will be better able to see the clarity the new camera has delivered. I’m very much impressed, Apple. Well done again!







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    1. Thank you Lisa!! I have yet to review any technical changes to the latest version of the IOS cam but it certainly hasn’t become worse. Call me an Apple geek eh…

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