Beautiful Frenchman Mountain

I’ve posted photos of this mountain before I’m sure – I was in the northwest corner of the valley today and had an opportunity to get these direct photos, no obstructions, with the Nikon so why not go for it? The mountain is about 4,052 foot high and from this location, well over ten miles away. Click!



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  1. The new reader format certainly shows its limitations with your lead photo today. The headline hints at a mountain, but all that shows is the blue of the cloudless sky above the implied mountains!

    Good thing I know I’m in for a treat if I open your blog to see the mountains or I’d skip right over it.

    I’m not a fan of the truncated reader postings. My posts typically lead with a photo that, like your mountainless cloudless sky, are meaningless unless you see the whole thing.

    1. Thank you. I upload full size images and probably shouldn’t do that.If for any reason the sizing you mention. I’ve never, ever used that reader thing, I always view people’s posts via email in a browser window, much more functional I believe. Maybe I should start using smaller photos on the site…

      1. I used to do the mail thing but I follow so many blogs regularly that it seemed like I took forever working through them. Someone suggested the reader as a faster way to go. When I could see a preview of the blogs, it helped me sort through the many possible reads and seemed faster. Now, with the truncated views, it is easier to over look those I usually read and miss ones I might find interesting if I saw a full preview. I load full sized material; as well, and don’t want to change my presentation just because WP decided to change theirs!

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