Tough Weather

I’m a weather nut and have been most of my life, it just never fails to fascinate. Watching The Weather Channel this afternoon I am amazed at the bitter, deep cold temperatures heading east from our west coast. My father is supposed to fly out of Michigan tomorrow and he might not get the chance if this storm gets there first. So much for getting to sunny Florida before the snow blows! I was just texting with him about this… Nothing we can do about it right?

Contrast this with the upcoming weather for the Las Vegas Valley – a high wind warning is upcoming for us Friday and Saturday but the sun will be playing high above. Temperatures in the forties for Friday and Saturday then next week will bring temperatures in the fifties and bright sunshine. The fifties are a very comfortable temperature range for yours truly, perhaps it the Yank genes but it’s nice. So, three cheers for Las Vegas weather right? We’ll take it.

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    1. Sorry about that – I knew they were coming just before I left Monday. Wasn’t sure I’d leave before the last storm which dumped about a foot in Lapeer County. Now my dad is supposed to leave tomorrow via aircraft for Florida, hope he gets out before the next one hits. Negatives are dangerous!

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