Hi all, I hope your Christmas preparations are progressing nicely! I’ve been away for a few days, didn’t have much opportunity to get online here. My family Christmas has been a beautiful thing this year, the usual family members were all there, everyone is well and happy. A niece will marry next year and my daughter graduates college soon!

My wonderful father purchased a car for my son, a specific car he’s wanted for a good while now. My son was simply blown away! I would be too! After the fact, I pulled dad aside and thanked him profusely, there is unfortunately no way I could have afforded to purchase a car for him but that’s another story.

Further, my son and I as well as sister and I mended some old hurts. It was a beautiful time and a beautiful thing to be among those of my kind. I speak of family of course but of we being from such a different place than here in Las Vegas. I see these two places as so very radically different, they may as well be on different planets.

The environment, the land, the people. Michiganders are much more friendly, sorry Las Vegas but it is what it is. The attitude of the people is very different. That said, I will stay on. The old saying states you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. That applies to Las Vegas. The worst thing for me in this city is the bloody traffic. Grrr.

There are so many great things about Las Vegas, they far outweigh the negatives. I’ve decided to make the journey home every four months or so in the coming year, thereby keeping in much better contact with family and wonderful old friends of thirty-plus years. A phone call or text just isn’t the same.


These photos were snapped with the iPhone. Call me a chickenshit or whatever makes your thingy(s) jiggle but I really wasn’t feeling good about taking my new camera with me on this trip. I wish I did, the iPhone can’t get close in image quality. I did my best to clean them up, I hope you like them.

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    1. Thanks Katherine, great to see you! Hope your are well. Dad is the most wonderful man I’ve ever known on so many levels. As was my mother. My parents got that monkey wherever, it has a switch. When activated the monkey moves around to the music. Have a blessed Christmas Katherine. ❤️

    1. Thank you Lisa! My mother was/is such an incredible decorator. The magazine called Better Homes & Gardens wanted to do a photo series on the home, she turned it down though. My dad hasn’t changed a single thing in the home since her passing in 2012. Such love.

    1. Hi!! Seems like you’d have more snow there being on the coastline. Yeah, I need to get back up there more Rebekah. I will try for the first or second week in April which is when dad returns from Florida. Then August when it’s hot and sticky there, or what they call hot. The December and our next Christmas gathering. It was so good for my soul to see everyone! Hope you and your hubby are well, have a fab Christmas Rebekah ❤️ BTW, I’m off of all social media going forward, had enough. I don’t see blogging as the same as WP or blogging.

        1. No, not off WP ever, this is my web home. I’ve had enough of trolls and dipshits. WP is blissfully free of that nonsense. Or mostly so anyway. I’ve enabled comment approval as of yesterday for the first time ever on this site. Really don’t like it but it’s now needed. Trolls came here from a certain site and left some nasty words. Enough.

          1. I understand. Tassitus is my web home too 🙂

            To have moderation on comments can be a good thing, not only to keep trolls away. It’s a good way of keeping track of new comments, I’ve found … so that I don’t miss any.

            1. Agreed, I’m finding that out just today. The site bullet proof you could say, now. Unless your a serious hacker. I have more time to focus on the site and other things here in the real world.

    1. Thank you sir!! This was the best Christmas since mother passed in 2012. It just hasn’t been the same of course. It’s like mother was there in spirit, making things right for us. Now I’m tearing up! Have a great Christmas sir. ❤️

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