Quickie Update

Howdy from Michigan! The festivities will start in a couple hours and I’ve had some time to get some photos with the iPhone (Nikon is home safe) that you’ll like I’m sure. It’s bloody cold here and no sun as expected. A snowstorm is approaching and will start dropping the evil white crap early Sunday morning.

I hope I can get outta here late Monday. I’ve had some deep conversation with my dad about returning to Michigan in the next several months. He offered some really good thoughts on this. I told him I’ve really been deep thinking on this subject for a good while now and actually have wrote down on paper the pros and cons of living in each location. His thoughts are ‘why come back to Michigan when it’s clear you love Las Vegas?’ Well said dad.

Gotta run, talk to ya soon friends! 😊

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    1. Thanks Lisa. I’ve always valued his thoughts on life’s decisions. I ultimately make my choice but his opinions have been priceless over the years. He once asked me – have I ever given you a bum steer? Ummm nope. Have so great photos to upload, maybe Sunday. So tired, laying in bed and it’s only five in Vegas! 😳😉

    1. It seems like that but in the end it’s my choice Rebekah. I did some walking around in the cold too ny myself. Bbrrrrrr. 21 degrees just now.

            1. It’s cold!! Sucks!! Just not acclimated to this anymore. Our Lake Mead is at least 80 foot down. Sad to see it so low. Need heavy snow melt from the Rockies and lots of Monsoon rain but it didn’t happen this fall season.

                1. The weather man says it’s going to get much colder after I get outta here. Snowing hard right now. Hopefully get outta here tomorrow.

                  1. Yeah I just looked at the weather. Later in the week here it’s not going to get above 49! That’s really cold for the bay area!
                    Hope you get out tomorrow!!

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