Lines To Rolled, & Blood Pressure

I snapped these photos while waiting in the doctor office once again today with the iPhone then used PhotoScape X and Nik to play with them. Doc says I’ll live and my blood pressure is coming down which I knew using my home BP Cuff. But it’s not enough and I knew this so he has doubled the new pill dosage up. I hope this works because I’m sick of having a low grade headache day after day.

And worrying about having a stroke…

I came right out and said it. The root of this problem is my weight. For whatever reason, I tossed aside my no junk food rule and started eating crap foods again, hence my weight increase. i told the doctor that when I return from my trip, I am going to change my diet in a positive way. Easy to say, difficult to do. But I’ll get it done anyway. These photos are pretty lame, haven’t felt like getting out for new photos lately. The iPhone is always ready though…


Lamo photos!!


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  1. Glad you are being well cared for John. Is there a way your readers could be helpful in motivating you in your quest for good health? I know I would love to see more photos of beautiful Red Rocks Canyon if that helps get you out there and walking.

    1. thank you Sue! Not sure any readers could help me, it needs to come from within. I could be in much worse shape really. I’ve considered leaving my job this year to spend all my time getting myself back in shape. I can afford to quit so it’s a bit tempting.

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! It’s a relief. A stroke doesn’t sound like fun. Doc says I’m out of the danger zone now. I really need to get serious on the diet, my life may depend on it. Heading to Michigan early tomorrow for four days. Gonna be sooooo cold and I have no heavy winter clothing anymore. Put on long pants today, first time since last winter or spring!!

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