Right On Time…

The windstorm promised by our National Weather Service has hit it right on time again, it was supposed to get windy as hell by seven PM, it was around just after six thirty when I could first hear the winds picking up. These storms are frequent here at certain times of year, more so during seasonal transitions. It’s amazing to see the satellite maps and how the extremely powerful low pressure systems drop down from Alaska and swoop quickly south.

Then, they turn southeast and east as they begin the trek toward the American and Canadian Rockies and points eastward over the eastern United States. So begins the string of powerful storms heading east. And I should say, all of the havoc that they bring. I can say with full authority after fifty years plus of living in the northern tier states that some of these storms are just plain old dangerous. I mean, if you truly have no need to go out, then DON’T!!

Anyway, I’m setting on the couch, cold can next to me and writing this. Long sweat pants, house coat and my fancy new and oh so toasty house shoes keeping my old digits in the warm zone. An old movie favorite is playing and the wind is almost howling according to the sounds coming from my fireplace. My police scanner is keeping me updated on the latest lunars’ actions. This is my Friday night. I hope your Saturday night is awesome.

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