Photo On The Go

Grabbed these with the Nikon on the way home, I was setting still so no worries!

The Spring Mountains from several miles away

A Desert Spoon plant, watch the spines!

An electrical transformer station, complete with dash/windscreen reflection

I’m off work again Sunday/Monday and am thinking of new places to go for new photo opportunities. The weather station states we are in for a chance of rain and another windstorm over the next couple of days. Great timing! Flip side, the bad weather may present some unique photo opportunities. In any case I want to get out of the apartment and away from the traffic, today’s drive home was a load of shit. You see, a red light is as good as a green light in Las Vegas. While waiting for a flashing red to stop flashing so I can clear the intersection, yet another colorblind driver came barreling through the intersection on a red light.

Toot toot went my little car’s faux horn. The asswipe had the gaul to toot back. Seriously? So then driver, what you were telling me with no words, is that you believe you have every right to risk other’s lives or commit vehicular homicide? Driving is the one thing I sincerely despise in Las Vegas. The other incident was a wide awake driver two lanes over to my right, almost having an incursion with a big truck next to me, forcing the truck to nearly strike me. I drive eighteen miles to work, lots of opportunity for shit! If you visit Las Vegas, beware the lunars on the road.

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