Wishing You…

A happy Thanksgiving today. My family is all back in Michigan and this year not all getting together at my dad’s place. I suspect this is because one of his sisters passed away a couple months ago that he is going to be at his other sister’s home today. A tough thing for him. The rest of the family is wherever. And me?

I’ll be at my employer’s residence. I suppose they took pity on me being totally alone here!

It was so nice of them to ask me to come to dinner with them today. I’ll be staying after work today for dinner. A bit odd in some way perhaps but I’m grateful. Otherwise I’d be eating at my apartment. Alone. I really don’t mind being alone here from day to day being that I’ve lived so much of my life alone. But the holidays make it a bit tough.

I’ll be in Michigan for four days next month for the family Christmas, we always have Christmas early so that dad can get down to Florida and escape the bitter winter. Which is in some way similar to my life here in Las Vegas. I’m no longer a fan of bitter cold, ice and snow. Or driving on that crap. Have a fine day friends!!

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