Pay Attention!

Good Lord, today started out just fine until I got to work and was tasked with doing a Level One inspection on a truck that came in overnight. During the fluids check portion of the inspection, I didn’t pay sharp attention to which liquid tank I was dumping Wind Screen fluid into. Turns out, I hopped off the radiator recovery tank instead of the actual tank for the wind screen. I was pissed off and embarrassed. How stupid!

I’ve been under many a hood over the years, I was in too much a hurry and messed up. After settling myself down and of course not lighting the engine up, I brought this to my manager. I felt so dumb. It was a simple fix, just unbolt the tank and dump the fluid out, all done. What small amount of fluid may have got into the radiator system would easily be diluted by the antifreeze. No worries but oh the embarrassment!

In other news from my life, two days back, my ex text me at 5:15 AM asking me to send her the previous three years of our tax returns. Ugh, I am NOT good at all with tax papers but I strapped on my mud boots and dove in. Fifty five dollars later, including shipping and printing, I mailed the package away to her in Virginia. A pain in the ass but she is certainly entitled to them. Tonight, her and I had another long chat via text about those taxes, and other things.

It’s all very friendly really, no animosity. We grew apart after those nine years, our lives were on divergent paths. It’s been tough for her as well, going back to the single life, at least she has family. I’ve got me. But having lived alone for much of my life, that was a help. It seems like an old friend yet I’m not in my icy home state of Michigan. It’s a tough decision, go back to the land of the ice and snow, or stay here, thawed out and toasty warm. And the mountains! Wishing everyone in the States a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. And do pay attention under your hood…

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