Return To Red Rock

Yesterday was a fun day at the Valley Of Fire, I must return there soon when I am sure the sun will be out to play. Today I still wanted get my shutter button clicking so I went out to trusty Red Rock Canyon, the place I’ve photographed to death as my regular followers can vouch for. Today was unusual weather wise.

It was a bit of sun, a bit of clouds but the highest elevations in the canyon were shrouded in clouds and the mist of which they consist of. Parked at the bottom, as near to the rock faces as one can drive to, it was both misting and raining at different times, making it tough to get the photo and keep the lens dry!

I snapped around eighty five photos and weeded out the ones with lens flair or other goop. My 18-55mm lens has a lens hood, the 70-300mm lens does not have one yet. I just can’t find one for it anywhere but have one on order through my local camera shop, whenever they can get them from Nikon or a different source.

I used both lenses today, and the photos with obvious or partial lens flare were obvious to see, taken with the big zoom lens which has no hood. Anyway, I am happy with what I got today, it’s nice to see the peaks looking so moody like this with the clouds and mist and sunlight illuminating the sails of rain as the fall thousands of feet to the desert floor.

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    1. Oooooh yes indeed Lisa, zero hint of winter here except for the powerful cold fronts which generate such high wind events. I’ve been watching the weather tonight which indicates such high snow events up to three foot snows, wow!!!

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